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Rep. Dominicana

1. brugalito

Game in which players sit in a circle and spin an empty bottle of "Ron Brugal" to select who kisses the next player to spin the bottle. Males and females sit accordingly so that not two of them are facing the same sex opposite the bottle's top and bottom.

An older version required a full bottle to start the game and each turn decided who got to pour a shot of the Ron in the bottle, until it was spent. In which case both the spinning person and the selected person would drink at the same time whilst shouting "Brugalito!".

The game originated in Santiago, Dominican Republic and was performed behind closed doors during balls carried out at the Centro de Recreo, former Viuda de Pichardo's residence.

Ejemplo :

Let's play Brugalito! So we can spin the bottle and kiss (drink).

Rep. Dominicana


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